Pricing Guide

A daily Derbii commute costs you less than any of your existing commute options - your own car, radio-taxis and many-a-times even public transport.
And we're not even accounting for the cost of convenience!

Flat pricing.

Derbii works on a flat pricing model with the costs being irrespective of your home or workplace localities.

There are no hidden costs and no extra charges for MCD taxes or tolls. There is also no waiting charge.

Note that Derbii is only operational in Delhi/NCR (New Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, NOIDA, Greater NOIDA and Ghaziabad) for now.

50 for the first 5 km.

3.5 per km. thereafter

Pricing outlook

Commuting to and from work is a pain. A sizable chunk of your time is simply lost everyday and you can't even do much about it. The best someone could do is live within minutes of their workplace or hire a chauffeur to save precious time and energy. Neither are solutions most of us could manage to adopt.

We at Derbii want to build a lasting solution that pushes the activity of commuting to the background of your daily routine - something that occurs even as you are busy reading the morning news on your phone, putting the final touches to that presentation for work or simply catching up on sleep. We believe that with the right approach and unwavering commitment, it could be made possible.

With that enduring solution as our goal, we've set Derbii's pricing in a way that makes it more affordable than driving your own car or booking a taxi. In many cases, if you happen to live quite far from your workplace with less-than-great public transport connectivity, Derbii would be more affordable than an entire trip made using public transport, both in terms of money and time.

This pricing outlook lets us bring you an affordable solution while allowing us to invest in building and improving it to make it even more economical, more comfortable and more customizable.

All good things take time to build and perfect. We are working non-stop at Derbii to build something that we believe could bring about lasting change by giving your time back to you.